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Ye Chance Offers a wide range of market-leading computerizing testing equipment to its customers. Ye Chance designs and manufactures testing equipment for small business, campus, government and enterprise environments. Innovative products include several testing machines for shoes, construction, paper, leather, rubber industrial field etc.

Since the founding of our company, Ye Chance has devoted itself to gaining quality human resources as our core strength. The company promotes a corporate spirits of Initiative, Responsiveness, and Creativeness. In the same context, our management practices focus on offering superior products with better Technology, Quality, and Services.

WORKING ON BETTER SOLUTIONS has been the driving spirit of Ye Chanceˇ¦s Pursuit. The company has grown up with the TAIWAN construction industry in the 1980's by designing and manufacturing testing instruments for the road and bridge construction industry and also for the other productˇ¦s manufacturers in the Taiwan. Devoting to offering customers the benefits of reliable product quality, efficient performance, and lower testing cost. Ye Chance has won market approval and taken a dominant share of test instrument market for the construction industry segment. With the experience in computerizing testing equipment, the company is expanding into the special material products (paper, rubber, leather and cable wire) industry by developing high quality testing instruments for their operation tools.

To accelerate the progress, the company is also actively looking for strategic alliance with partners of complementary engineering, product, or marketing strength. By joining force and leveraging technology, manufacturing and marketing resources on a global basis, the company strives to become leader in the selected industry segments.

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